Dream House

Inspired by the architectural quintessence from the island nation of Singapore with modern design, harmoniously combined with the interwoven nature, it has created a unique unique feature only at One Verandah, District 2.

ONE Show each apartment, each family, each member of a proud and proud home in the project.
VERANDAH A porch, a space where the family can approach, harmonize and enjoy Nature
Sun (Soleil), Wind (Viento), Green Patch of Grass (Jardin), Blue sky (Ciel) in a joyful mood to welcome new happy days filled with Light (Luminosa)


Thể hiện mỗi căn hộ, mỗi gia đình, mỗi thành viên về một mái ấm riêng tự hào và hãnh diện tại dự án.


Một mái hiên nhà, một không gian mà gia đình có thể đến gần, hoà hợp và tận hưởng Thiên nhiên:
Mặt trời (Soleil), Gió (Viento), Mảng xanh của cây cỏ (Jardin), Bầu trời trong xanh (Ciel) trong tâm trạng hân hoan đón chào những ngày vui sống mới tràn ngập Ánh sáng (Luminosa)

Mixed in that proud privacy, the image of the rolling bubbles of the cool river, of the pretty balls that children still love to play with, creates an “O” circle connecting the children. members – between people and between people and Nature..

Natural Green, River – Warmth and Happiness only in

Prime location in Thanh My Loi District 2

Located in one of the most prime locations of Ho Chi Minh City, One Verandah is the last luxury riverside apartment project in Thanh My Loi, District 2.

Project information

Name of Project ONE VERANDAH
Location  4 Side of Bat Nan, Nguyen Van Kinh, Ta Hien, 103 Street, Thanh My Loi Ward, District 2, Thu Duc City

Forever For Vietnamese People

50 Years for Foreigners

Project Type Residential Condominium
Land size 1.7 hectares
Total Units 779 Units:
– 1 BR, 55 m2  (11%)
– 2 BR, 80-95 m2 (41%)
– 3 BR, 110-130 m2 (33%)
– 4 BR, 170 m2  (11%)
Number of Blocks – 5 Towers
– 22 Floors
– Parking Floor: 03F (1 Parking Basement & 2 Floors for Parking)
Expected Completion Handed Over
Building Density 35%
Developer Mapletree Singapore
Tổ hợp tiện ích đỉnh cao tại dự án One Verandah

Luxury Facilities Complex

Facilities One Verandah
Facilities One Verandah
  •  8,000 square meters of floor space providing amenities and entertainment services for all ages.
  • Panorama of the Saigon River and the city in sight.
  • The large open balcony offers spectacular views.
  • The apartment is airy with a design that provides natural light and air
Facilities One Verandah

Children’s Play Area

Facilities One Verandah

5-Star Standard Infinity Pool

Facilities One Verandah

High-class Gym

Facilities One Verandah


Facilities One Verandah

Relaxing Cafe Area

Facilities One Verandah

Sports Utility Area

Tổ hợp tiện ích đỉnh cao tại dự án One Verandah
Nhà mẫu căn hộ One Verandah



Mapletree is a leading development, investment and capital management company based in Singapore. As of March 31, 2019, Mapletree owned and managed assets worth S$55.7 billion (equivalent to VND 788 trillion) in 12 countries and territories around the world. In Vietnam, Mapletree owns and manages mPlaza Saigon, CentrePoint, office towers with commercial podiums in HCMC; Pacific Place, a complex project in Hanoi; Mapletree Business City @ Binh Duong industrial park and 3 logistics centers. Mapletree is developing the 4.4-hectare Saigon South Place complex in District 7 in several phases. For more information, visit www.mapletree.com.vn