One Verandah Luxury apartment is a high-class apartment project along the Saigon River, this is a project by the investor Mapletree – One of the leading reputable investors from Singapore. Is the most luxurious apartment project built on the last river in Thanh My Loi, District 2, Thu Duc City.


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To help you answer questions such as: Is the developer of the One Verandah project really reputable?, What is special about the One Verandah project?, What is the size of the project, what are the project utilities? … All the detailed and useful information about the One Verandah apartment project will be compiled and regularly updated by the Huttons VN in this article.

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Overview of One Verandah luxury apartment District 2

Located on prime land, One Verandah luxuyr apartment project owns 4 facades of Ta Hien – Bat Nan – Nguyen Van Kinh – Street 103 at the same time, with the same view overlooking the poetic Saigon River. Possessing a prime location in the administrative center of District 2. It can be said that One Verandah apartment project is one of the most beautiful apartment projects in Thanh My Loi, District 2.

One Verandah luxury apartment is designed to bring you the moment to fully enjoy the peaceful Saigon River scenery and the whole city in sight, especially the project owns 8,000 m2 for Particularly for utilities, with a top-notch utility complex providing a series of high-class and luxurious services to meet all entertainment and relaxation needs for almost all ages. One Verandah is one of the most prominent and most interested projects in the real estate market in recent times.

Scale of One Verandah Project

With 1.7 hectares, the project has a scale of 5 towers with 22 floors high, with a number of apartments of 229 arranged in a variety of areas. Luxury and high-class apartments, segment format targeting high-income customers.

Quy mô dự án căn hộ One Verandah
Scale of One Verandah luxury Apartment Project

The project is optimally designed with many open, friendly spaces in harmony with the environment and nature. High-class internal facilities with a construction area of up to 8000 m2. Some typical facilities such as coffee shop, restaurant, swimming pool, gym, children’s playground, shopping center, commercial center, entertainment center can be mentioned. The project area offers the ideal luxury living space, enjoying life beyond the value of living and investment.


Detail of One Verandah luxury apartment 

Location 4 Frontage : Bat Nan, Nguyen Van Kinh, Ta Hien, 103, Thanh My Loi Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City.
Developer Mapletree
Design Contractor P&T Consultants
General Contractor for Construction Coteccons & Fecon
Construction of Pile Foundation Coteccons & Fecon
Management and Operation The Ascott
Total Area 1,7 ha
Building density 35%
Tenure Freehold for Vietnamese

50-years ownership for Foreigners

Property Type Residental Condominium
Total Units 779 Units

– 1 BR, 55 sqm  (occupies 11%)

– 2 BR, 80-95 sqm (occupies 41%)

– 3 BR, 110-130 sqm (occupies 33%)

– 4 BR, 170 sqm  (occupies 11%)

No. of Blocks – 5 Blocks: Lumina, Ciel, Jardin, Viento, Soleil.

– 22 Storeys

– Parking basement: 03F (1 basement & 2 floors)

TOP Finished, ready to handover

☎ Hotline 24/7 :

(+84) 909.211.066

(+84) 902.409.353


Type of units and area

Units Type Acreage (sqm) Density (%)
1 Bedroom 55 11%
2 Bedrooms 80 – 95 41%
3 Bedrooms 110 – 130 33%
4 Bedrooms 170 11%


Developer of the One Verandah luxury apartment project


Logo chủ đầu tư Mapletree

Mapletree – is one of the leading development, investment and capital management corporations in Singapore, starting to participate in the Vietnamese market since 2005. Up to now, Mapletree has gradually become a name that is popular with the majority. Everyone knows and has a relatively stable position through undertaking high-end international projects of huge scale. Mapletree’s most prominent projects can be mentioned as RichLane Residencesra, SC VivoCity apartments in District 7, including One Verandah apartment project at Bat Nan Street, Nguyen Van Kinh, Ta Hien, 103, Thanh My Ward Loi, District 2, City. Thu Duc.
As of March 31, 2019, Mapletree owns and manages assets of up to SGD 55.7 billion (equivalent to VND 788 trillion) in more than 12 countries and territories around the world.
In Vietnam, Mapletree Group owns and manages mPlaza Saigon, CentrePoint, office towers with commercial podiums in Ho Chi Minh City; Pacific Place, a complex project in Hanoi; Mapletree Business City @ Binh Duong industrial park and 3 logistics centers. Mapletree is investing and developing the 4.4-hectare Saigon South Place complex in District 7.

Projects of Mapletree:

For more information about Mapletree, visit Website:

Mapletree - Chủ đầu tư dự án One Verandah
Mapletree – One Verandah Developer

Location of One Verandah luxury apartment?

One Verandah luxury apartment project is located in a prime location in the golden land in District 2, which is highly appreciated by many experts when it has just owned 4 frontages of Bat Nan street – Nguyen Van Kinh – Ta Hien – Street 103 has a riverside location, located along the banks of the Saigon River extending to Mai Chi Tho Street. It can be said that with this location, it gives anyone living here a fresh, harmonious environment next to bringing convenience in terms of transportation for residents here.

Vị trí đắc địa dự án One Verandah
Prime location of One Verandah luxury apartment

For any real estate customer or investor, the most important factor affecting the value and investment decision is the location of the real estate project. A good location will help real estate projects have quick liquidity, easy to rent or transfer thanks to the added value over time, thanks to the development of surrounding areas, thereby bringing benefits. profits for investors.

From One Verandah, we can easily travel and connect to a series of outstanding places of the vibrant center of Ho Chi Minh City:
– 7 minutes to go to Thu Thiem Tunnel, Phu My Bridge.
– 5 minutes to move to Cat Lai residential area, An Phu Khanh residential area.
– 15 minutes to the center of District 7.
– 20 minutes to Tan Son Nhat airport.
Vị trí đắc địa dự án căn hộ One Verandah
One Verandah prime location

In addition, around the One Verandah luxury apartment project, there are many international schools, supermarkets, commercial centers, shopping and entertainment areas. In particular, the location of One Verandah luxury apartment in District 2 is located near the Diamond Island Bridge, which is being started construction, connecting Thanh My Loi area with Mai Chi Tho street. Connecting to the My Thuy intersection has made One Verandah a place worth living and investing more than ever.

Top notch utility complex

The feature that makes the One Verandah project different is the high-class utility complex. Mapletree investor has been extremely gracious when spending up to 8,000 m2 to create a dream living space, with modern, practical, and abundant utilities within the project area itself. When you live at One Verandah, you will enjoy every day like a weekend.

Tổ hợp tiện ích đỉnh cao tại dự án One Verandah
Top notch utility complex at One Verandah

You will feel extremely secure about the location as well as the modern utility system inside the area. The One Verandah project brings a big surprise with more than 30 different types of internal utilities waiting for you to enjoy. The facilities at the One Verandah apartment project all bring a modern and luxurious feeling, with international standards such as: European standard infinity pool, park in harmony with nature with green patches. large, sports area, tennis court, children’s play area for each age group, relaxation area, meditation hall, library, high-class Gym room and many mini supermarkets, cafes, outdoor food courts and other premium amenities.

Tổ hợp tiện ích đỉnh cao tại dự án One Verandah
Top notch utility complex at One Verandah
In addition, located in a prime location in the center of District 2, residents at One Verandah can comfortably enjoy a multitude of adjacent external amenities. Just a few minutes away from One Verandah apartment, you can go to vibrant commercial centers in District 2 such as Parkson Cantavil, Vincom Mega Mall, Lotte Cinema, Metro Supermarket… along with a system of major international hospitals. and modern so you can enjoy life with peace of mind like Hoan My International Clinic, Family Medical Practice international clinic.
Moreover, Mapletree shows its dedication to anyone living in One Verandah in choosing the project location. The investor has paid great attention to the development of the young generation. Thanks to its good location, residents here can access a leading network and advanced education system, with prestigious international schools such as: Australian International School AIS (Australian International School), international school The American School (The American School), British International School Ho Chi Minh City (BIS), German International School IGS (International German School Ho Chi Minh City),…


One Verandah Layout

One Verandah apartment project in District 2 is designed, arranged and distributed apartments in a reasonable way:

  • The first and second floors are for floating parking.
  • The 3rd floor is the utility floor, a place to enjoy and experience modern and high-class facilities according to international standards.
  • Floors 4 – 22 are apartment floors, ensuring almost every apartment has the best river view.

Mặt bằng tằng dự án căn hộ One Verandah

Mặt bằng tằng dự án căn hộ One Verandah

Mặt bằng tằng dự án căn hộ One Verandah

Mặt bằng tằng dự án căn hộ One Verandah

Mặt bằng tằng dự án căn hộ One Verandah

Mặt bằng tằng dự án căn hộ One Verandah

Mặt bằng tằng dự án căn hộ One Verandah

Inspired by the architectural quintessence from the island nation of Singapore with a modern design, harmoniously combined with the interwoven nature, creating a unique feature that is only available at One Verandah, the apartments in These are all focused on the highest focus on comfort combined with close natural space, ensuring to receive the amount of natural light and wind into the house to bring a fresh and airy living space. Modern and youthful architectural design and layout suitable for global citizens.


Apartment Design

Each apartment in the One Verandah project in District 2 takes advantage of the optimal living and working space to meet all the needs of apartment owners. With apartment areas ranging from 55m2 to 170m2, you can easily design and decorate to your liking and use as serviced apartments.

Hình phối cảnh dự án căn hộ One Verandah

Hình phối cảnh dự án căn hộ One Verandah

Hình phối cảnh dự án căn hộ One Verandah

Hình phối cảnh dự án căn hộ One Verandah

In addition, you can also choose from 1, 2, 3 or 4 bedroom apartments to suit the living needs of you and your family. You can choose an apartment for 1 person or choose to stay with family and relatives. Not only that, a duplex apartment will be a great choice for those who prefer large, comfortable spaces and freely design their own living space.


One Verandah Apartment model house

Mapletree is sure to satisfy even the most demanding people. It can be said that owning a luxury apartment One Verandah also shows equality and is also a pride of District 2 residents.


Hình phối cảnh căn hộ dự án One Verandah

Hình phối cảnh căn hộ dự án One Verandah


The model house of One Verandah apartment project is built and designed with a 5 * standard body with attention to the smallest detail. With the desire to bring to customers a completely new experience in the style of the apartment as well as the amenities and standards of the upper class.


Interior of the One Verandah Luxury Apartment

Using smart, modern materials and furniture from leading brands and furniture groups in the world such as LG, Sjlite, Simex, schneider, .. One Verandah apartment will definitely bring to a perfect living space, more modern than ever.


Nhà mẫu căn hộ One Verandah


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